Feasibility study saves your time and money

Our range of professional services includes a full feasibility study of your hotel or resort business and initiatives.

CHROME creates expert, all-around feasibility studies to enable an integral assessment of hospitality projects for all the stakeholders. Our feasibility studies guarantee the success in the execution of plans for:

Opening a new hotel or resort

Franchisors looking to acquire a new project

Exploring real estate opportunities or exit strategies for owners and more.

CHROME’s team of qualified experts will assist in sealing deals with various stakeholders such as financial institutions, hotel operators, investors, and developers. Our hospitality specialists will provide insight into the overall feasibility of your project, by respectively covering the following fields:

  • Due diligence analyses
  • Product definition, with the evolution of the concept, selection of operation or support in independent operating
  • Location analysis
  • Market research including competitor benchmarking and demand evaluation
  • Overview of external regional, national and international tourist data and economic conditions
  • Performance forecast including expected revenue, the establishment of a full Key Performance Indicators set (KPI), Return on investment (ROI) timeline, etc.
  • Profit and loss (P&L) statement
  • Assessment and development of proposed strategies and budgets including marketing, sales, revenue management, operations, human resources, and more
  • Comprehensive marketing and revenue management plan with sales forecasts, rate/room type strategy, distribution, and more
  • Unobtrusive solutions for on-resort real-estate sales, including full and partial ownership models with the alignment of investment goals
  • Comprehensive business planning
  • Business model development with optimized product and services
  • Brand selection
  • Selection of optimal operator agreements
  • Defining optimal equity and financing structures
  • Conformity to applicable tax and other legislation

By bringing in CHROME experts to complete your comprehensive feasibility study, you will save time and money, secure the needed investments and guarantee the high quality of your hospitality business.


We love to listen and we are eagerly waiting to talk to you regarding your project. Get in touch with us if you have any queries and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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